ET and TIM
ET and TIM


To the wedding site of Tim Rabb and Ethiopia Hewitt.

Our Story

ET and Tim met while working together at a marketing company. At their former company they started as friends. Tim interviewed ET for her position as a web developer. Tim was a Senior Designer. It took several months of working side by side before ET invited Tim to yoga and they had their first date over ice cream after the class. Luckily the ice cream went better than the yoga. And now there is a wedding!


The wedding is in Madison, Ga at the Farmhouse Inn, which is 45 minutes east of Atlanta. Coming to town Friday? An option could be to stay in Atlanta Friday night and sightsee Saturday, then come out to the farm Saturday evening. If you are staying in Atlanta we recommend downtown near Olympic park where you can visit the Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, and our 1996 Olympic Park. Some Madison lodging suggestions are to the right in our accomodation list.